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Introducing Uniline, the starting point of comfort and protection by Time. Crafted with precision and expertise, Uniline sanitary pads are designed to provide reliable and leak-proof protection throughout your day. The soft and breathable material ensures maximum comfort, making it suitable for everyday use. Uniline offers you a high-quality solution at an affordable price, empowering you to feel confident and secure with every step you take.

Available in two sizes (L) 240mm and (XL) 280mm in packs of 6 pads each.

UNILINE 280 6 OUT 1-PhotoRoom_edited.jpg

Ultra Feather

Experience an elevated level of comfort and indulgence with Time's Ultra Feather sanitary pads. Each pad is delicately crafted to offer you unmatched softness, delicate care, and long-lasting protection. The feather-like softness combined with advanced absorption technology ensures a luxurious and comfortable experience, keeping you fresh and dry throughout the day. With Ultra Feather, transcend into a world of utmost comfort and embrace the feeling of lightness.

Available in three variants – (XL) 280 mm Packs of 7 and 15 and 330 mm Pack of 15

ULTRA FEATHER 280 15  3D OUT 1-PhotoRoom_edited_edited.jpg

Ultra Velvet

Welcome to the epitome of elegance and refinement with Time's Ultra Velvet sanitary pads. These pads offer a premium level of quality and comfort that goes beyond your expectations. The unique velvet-like surface creates a gentle touch, taking care of your sensitive skin with tenderness and grace. With superior absorption and a secure fit, Ultra Velvet ensures utmost confidence and comfort during even the busiest days. Elevate your feminine care routine with the indulgence you deserve.

Available in four variants – (XL) 280 mm Pack of 15, (XXL) 330 mm Packs of 7, 15 and 30

ULTRA VELVET 280 15 3D OUT 1-PhotoRoom_edited.jpg

Ultra Cuddle

Unwind in the ultimate embrace of comfort and protection with Time's Ultra Cuddle sanitary pads. Designed for those seeking the highest level of comfort, these pads redefine your period experience. The ultra-soft material feels like a comforting hug, while the advanced technology guarantees maximum absorption and leakage protection. Ultra Cuddle offers an unparalleled level of comfort, making it ideal for restful nights and moments of relaxation. Embrace comfort like never before with Ultra Cuddle.

Available in two variants – (XXL) 330 mm Packs of 7 and 15

CUDDLE 15 3D OUT 1-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom.png
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