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Welcome to Bioweal


Elevating the essence of womanhood, Bioweal Products proud to announce the launch of Time Sanitary Pads. A full range of Sanitary Pads in four different variants - Ultra Cuddle, Ultra Velvet, Ultra Feather and Uniline. These pads combine functionality and purpose with safety and comfort. With a deep focus on design and quality, we have your unique period care needs covered. No matter what your flow level, skin type, work style or sleep pattern - Time Sanitary Pads are designed for the woman of tomorrow. Raring to go and daring to grow.

About Us

Bioweal Products is an enterprise deeply focused on hygiene and wellness products that cater to every aspect of people and families. Starting its foray in 2023 with the launch of Time Sanitary Pads, a top-quality offering under the feminine hygiene range of products. In quick succession, Bioweal intends to launch several product offerings not only in the areas of feminine hygiene, but extend to the other areas under the hygiene business, namely Infant Hygiene, Adult Hygiene and Family Hygiene. Bioweal Products leverages an omni-channel product distribution strategy in order to ensure that the end customer has more ways than one to access and purchase our products in a way that is most convenient to them.


Bioweal Products is headquartered in Bangalore, India and is growing its presence to expand its footprint in a short span of time. In terms of its product portfolio, it aims to add products in the wellness foods space as well as cater to the needs of pets which are integral part of many a household today.


Bioweal is deeply committed to the quality of its products and the experience of its customers. Our people are passionate and committed to meeting the quality and experience experience of our customers.

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Bioweal's Promise

At Bioweal, we understand that comfort, safety, reliability, and affordability are essential when it comes to personal hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, adult diapers and baby diapers. That's why we offer a range of products that are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.